Internet applications

Online applications

- also known as web applications or internet applications, are programs which can be accessed by using a web browser. Application delivery is mediated by the server WWW, eg. Apache and data base eg. MySQL.

Thanks to this model of software, you are free to us it's functionalities independently from time and place, provided that you have access to a browser and Internet connection.The most important feature of our service involving designing dedicated applications is the process of consultation with you, the client, in order to define the needed functionalities of the created system. In the end, the final product will fully match your individual needs.

What do we offer as a web application design company?

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  • Matching solutions

    We start each project by familiarising ourselves with the needs of the client and the nature of their business in order to develop an application that will match and satisfy all the demands.

  • We create web browser compatible applications

    Thanks to this solution the client does not bear the cost of installation and system update on the computers of the users.

  • Integration with external systems

    The systems can link up with others systems using API interface: accounting systems, web portals (eg. Allegro, otoMoto, Gratka), courier systems.

  • Data security

    For security data gathered in the system can be synchronised in real time on two separate servers.

Advantages of using dedicated applications

1 Instalation only on the server. Web application significantly limits implementation costs and does not affect previous software installed on clients positions.
2 Access to web application through Internet. Application can be accessed from any place in the world through global network.
3 System alerts. Informing employees (eg. through emails) about alarming events observed by application (lack of renewal of contract with provider, alarming financial results, ending review of technical devices).
4 Facilitation of software progress and its updates. Thanks to central installation, system update is executed only on server.
5 Support is independent from operating system. Functioning of web applications is independent from the user's computer operating system (Windows, Liux, Mac).
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